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  1. BSA RGB Scope Sight
  2. Mini Tactical Red Dot Scope, Matte Black
  3. CVA Optima .50 cal. Black Powder Rifle, Black / Blued
  4. CVA Optima .50 cal. Black Powder Rifle, Black / Blued with scope
  5. Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm Duplex Reticle Handgun Scope, Matte 67825
  6. Leupold Mark 4 Mid Range Tactical 1.5-5X20mm M2 Illuminated CR-R2 110180
  7. Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25-4x20mm FireD0T SPR Reticle Rifle Scope, Matte 113769
  8. NcSTAR Universal Tri-rail Barrel-mount Laser Sight
  9. NcSTAR AR-15 Ultimate Sighting System
  10. AMS Fire Eagle Bow made in the USA
  11. Armasight NYX14 - SD Gen 2+ Night Vision Monocular
  12. Armasight Sirius Gen 2+ SD MG Multi - purpose Night Vision Monocular
  13. Armasight Sirius ID Gen2+ Night Vision Monocular with infrared illuminator
  14. Armasight Avenger Gen 2+ SD Night Vision 3X Monocular
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  16. Bear Archery Motive 6 Compound Bow
  17. Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife
  18. Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed blade Knife
  19. Tactical DMF Folder Knife by Gerber
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  21. HQ ISSUE Military-style ECWS Sleeping Bag
  22. HQ ISSUE Oversized Mummy Bag
  23. Eureka Centerfire 15 degree Rectangle Sleeping Bag
  24. Alps Desert Pine Mummy Bag
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  26. Barnett Predator Crossbow Kit 375 fps
  27. Barnett Predator CarbonLite Crossbow Package with 3x32mm Scope
  28. Parker Concorde Crossbow with Perfect Storm 3X Illuminated Scope Package
  29. Parker Concorde Crossbow with 1X Multi-reticle Scope Package
  30. Parker Concorde Crossbow with Perfect Storm 3X Pin Point Illuminated Scope
  31. Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Kit with 4x32 mm Multi-Reticle Scope
  32. Barnett Vengeance Crossbow
  33. Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow
  34. Barnett Wildcat C5 Camo Crossbow Package
  35. Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow
  36. Parker Python Bow Outfitter Package with Whisker Biscuit
  37. Parker BuckShot Extreme Bow
  38. Parker Eagle Bow Outfitter Package with Whisker Biscuit
  39. Parker BuckShot Extreme Bow Package
  40. Parker Pink BuckShot Extreme Bow Package
  41. U.S. Military Surplus Kevlar Helmet
  42. Headstrong German Military Kevlar Helmet
  43. Duck Commander Chest Waders
  44. Pulsar N550 Digisight Night Vision Scope
  45. Pulsar Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope
  46. Pulsar Sentinel GS 2x50 mm Night Vision Riflescope
  47. Pulsar Challenger GS 3.5 x 50 mm Night Vision Scope
  48. Pulsar Digital Night Vision Recon 550
  49. Pulsar Quantum HD 38 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
  50. Pulsar Phantom MD Gen 3 4X Night Vision Rifle Scope
  51. Pulsar Sentinel G2+ 4x60 mm Night Vision Riflescope
  52. Pulsar Challenger G2+ 1x21mm Night Vision Goggle Monocular
  53. Pulsar Phantom G2+ 4x60 mm MD FX Night Vision Riflescope
  54. Pulsar Expert Laser Range Finder 8x40mm Binoculars
  55. Pulsar Quantum HS 19 Thermal Imaging Monocular
  56. The Edge GS 2.7x50 Night Vision Binoculars by Pulsar
  57. Pulsar Phantom G2+ 3x50 mm MD FX Night Vision Riflescope
  58. xGen Pro Digital Night Vision Monocular
  59. Firefield Tactical Green Laser Sight
  60. Firefield FF13045 Tactical 8-32x50mm AO Illuminated Mil-dot Reticle Rifle Scope
  61. Firefield Rifle or Pistol Laser Sight