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09-27-2013, 06:19 AM
High Plains Gun Shop was developed in response to the shenanigans resultant of the recent legislative battles and the sequestration. As a result of budget shortfalls, more men and women have been forced to come out of pocket to obtain the gear and equipment they need to accomplish their daily jobs, conduct training, or deploy. We are active duty owned and operated - that job pays the bills. This company is here to provide all of the men and women in the public service professions an opportunity to pick up the equipment they need at near dealer cost. Our primary focus is on our Mil/LE (an all encompassing term - really meaning any retired, past, or present public service personnel, veterans, EMS, FF, etc.) customers. We do not attempt to turn a profit, and any markup on the items on our store goes to paying the minimal overhead that we must operate under. On top of that, any official government agency or supply office that makes official use purchases through us, pays exactly what we pay - not .01 more. That is our business model; we aim to maintain affordable price points regardless of geopolitical conditions or panic buying.