View Full Version : Barska AX11652 Tall Biometric Safe

03-22-2014, 01:05 PM
New Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe by Barska allows you to keep rifles, guns & ammo stored securely and quickly accessible with a scan of your fingerprint. Store up to 4 rifles securely with removable storage shelf for guns and ammo. Easy to use system allows you to register fingerprints in seconds.

New Silent Access Feature
Allows you to mute beeping notification
Holds up to 120 different users
Three point dead-bolt locking system
Operates on 4-AA batteries (included)
Includes set of emergency back-up keys and mounting hardware
Internal 4 position barrel rest
California DOJ Approved
No one but YOU has the right touch that opens the safe! The BARSKA Biometric Safe is convenient and state of the art! It is a unique firearms and valuables lockbox with a tech twist: it opens at the touch of a finger…..but only yours! The safe recognizes only the fingerprints you select and does not recognize any others. Thieves simply can’t break in, and little prying fingers will soon give up in frustration. You’ll never again have to fumble for keys, lose them or worry about where to hide them. No complicated combinations to remember either. One touch of a finger is all you need to access your valuables, and firearms to protect yourself and your family in an instant!