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03-22-2014, 12:23 PM
WITH EXACTING DETAILS AND PRECISE MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, the Protector Vault is what the rest of the industry wishes they could build. The mysteries of vault construction are unveiled with the manufacturing details of the Reinforced Fire Door and all of the industry leading components of the Protector Vault. The Protector 6026 can hold up to 18 long guns.

CERTIFICATED FIRE: 1680/90 Fort Knox’s Inferno Shield 90 is tested to keep the inside of the vault under 350 degrees. UL Listed c-rated fireboard insulation is used on all six sides and behind the hinges to eliminate hot spots or hot pockets. Heat sensitive expanding fire seal expands to seal around the entire door on all Fort Knox vaults & safes. In addition to the high-grade UL listed fireboard and deep bend box, a dead air space is manufactured into the vault which acts as a thermal barrier, much like a thermal pane window, to give added protection. This design provides fire protection at 1680 degrees in 90 minutes.

REINFORCED FIRE DOOR: Our Reinforced Fire Door adds to layers of fire protection to the 3/8″ or 1/4″ solid steel plate, then it reinforces the door with additional 10-gauge steel for added security (three to four times more steel than other composite type doors). We have found a way to improve on the Reinforced Fire Door. This new folded door adds more steel to the door edge while giving us a cleaner looking edge.

QUADRAFOLD DOOR FRAME: The Quadrafold Door Frame has been designed to be the strongest in the industry, providing superior strength in every situation. By locking the 1 1⁄2″ locking bolts behind this frame, Fort Knox security is truly unmatched.

UNIBODY CONSTRUCTION: Fort Knox has found that a Unibody Construction retains the natural strength of the steel. We have strategically folded the edge around the door making it the most secure body available and giving the door a deep recessed seat to make it virtually impossible to pry. The technical innovation offered by Fort Knox will give more security than raw weight.

EASY GLIDE BALL BEARING HINGES: Completely adjustable and tamperproof, without affecting our certified fire protection, our hinges add maximum security. The door opens 100 degrees for complete access with the internal hinge or a full 180 degrees with the outside hinge. Smooth access to your safe or vault shows the thought and care taken into every Fort Knox vault.

FOLDED DOOR: The innovation in our Fortress Fold door uses 21st century technology. Fort Knox doors start with a solid plate of steel the complete size of the door. Using an uncut plate of steel creates rigidity and superior security. The next layer protects against heat and fire damage. To add additional protection, a folded 10-gauge steel jacket finalizes the 3rd layer of the Fortress Fold. When thieves try to pry into a vault with Fortress Fold, they’re greeted with 3 layers of intense vault security.

UL LISTED: We use UL Listed, fireboard insulation on all 6 sides and insulate behind the hinges to avoid any hot pockets. A high temperature, heat sensitive expanding fire seal expands to seal the safe around the entire door. Locked, sealed and ready to bock the worst that flames have to offer. Seal 1. Heat activated Palusol swells to seal the safe door during a fire. Seal 2. A smoke seal is critical to protect your possessions until the expansion of the Palusol occurs.

DRILL DEFLECTOR BOLT GUARD: Technical advantages abound with Fort Knox vaults. One of those is the Drill Boltguard. By adding tempered, hardened hard plate to possible vulnerable areas of the vault body keep your vault virtually impenetrable and drill resistant. Ensure your security with Fort Knox’s Drill Boltguard.

REMOTE RELOCKER: Engineering one relocking system after another gives you the Triple Stack Relocker system in your Fort Knox vault. Two relockers inside your lock and one on the back of your lock give you absolute security. Even if the tumbler is destroyed, your vault will remain tightly locked

BOLT DETENT: Securing the bolts while the door is open keeps your vault free of paint damage. Closing your door with the bolts extended is a fast way to leave permanent damage on your vault. This feature is available on all Fort Knox vaults except the Maverick Series.