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Red Eagle, develops, manufactures and markets top quality Bullet-Proof Body Armor for armed forces, police units, security services and civilians around the world.

Our Bullet Proof Vests are created using the latest and most advanced technology available to us. Focusing on research and development, we are constantly upgrading and building on our already innovative technology meeting the high demands of Security Personnel internationally.

The founders of Red Eagle come from a military background having served in various combat units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Together, we are a dynamic and flexible team & Combining our knowledge and experience, we have dedicated ourselves to developing safe, ergonomic products essential for any and all security tasks. The wide range of military and security products are of the highest quality and meet the demands of all service standards. Among our customers are military, paramilitary, law enforcement and security organizations across the globe.

Red Eagle products are manufactured and tested in accordance with the Quality Assurance standards of military forces worldwide, as well as in strict adherence to ISO 9001 Standards awarding them worldwide recognition for their high quality, durability and reliability.

Red Eagle offers tailor-made solutions for varying threat levels whilst maintaining the highest manufacturing standards in strict adherence to ISO 9001 international standards.

We provide cost effective superior protective body armour designed for optimum safety and comfort.

The Red Eagle state-of-the art Body Armour range uses neither Kevlar or Ceramics, rather High Density Aramid & Polythylene Fibers thus successfully eliminating both the cost and weight that is associated with our competitors products.