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Out of sight, out of nose, out of ears, out of mind! Well, it's not exactly how the old saying goes, but it's the basic idea behind this new Deer Blind from SCENTite®. The rugged polyethylene shell keeps you hidden from keen eyes, and out of the frigid elements.

The 360° flip-up windows and door all close and lock tight on a gasket, sealing in your scent. You'll enjoy being able to stay out longer than ever before, with a MUCH higher probability of success than hunting on a typical treestand. Available in 2 or 4-man sizes, with your choice of full-size walk-in door or through-floor trap door for elevated hunting.

Rugged, reliable, easy to transport, plus scentproof and soundproof... the pro's choice for comfortable, successful hunting! Now, pair your Whitetail Blind up with a stand for an even better view! Your special spot WAY back in the rough? Pick up this all-in-one Blind Trailer... it's a Trailer and a Base. Makes for easy hauling, even easier set-up.

4-man Condo Full Door and Trap Door Whitetail Blind details:

Light-but-strong PE black shell with black interior
Rugged through-bolt construction with interlocking corners for outstanding strength
Rot-proof 3/4" pressure-treated plywood floor with carpeting for sound dampening
Flip-up tinted polycarbonate windows allow 360° of viewing while keeping you hidden... windows seal against a gasket to keep them scentproof and weather-tight
Gasketed door to conceal scent and sound
Sized for gun or bow hunters
Full door model: measures 5' w. x 9' l. x 6'1" t. Door measures 3' x 4'7" t.
Trap door model: measures 5' w. x 9' l. x 6'1" t. Trap door measures 2'1" x 1'10" w.
Both models weigh 2750 lbs. 1000 lb. capacity.

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